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TC#6 – Spiced Applewine

Had a good 500ml of cider left over after bottling the teabag cider so added 250g corn sugar, 1 level tsp wine tannin, 400ml Suma organic concentrated apple juice, approx 2.5 litres Lidl apple juice and 750ml bottled water. And 2 cloves! Shook to aerate and left the yeast to do its thing. I wasn’t going to take a gravity reading, but thought better of it. A surprisingly low 1.062. But then, the wine yeast will ferment out all of the sugar so it will still end up with a pretty high ABV.

21/07/2014 – I can’t believe this thing is still bubbling! Still flying. I was thinking of racking to secondary and adding some oak chips.

27/07/2014 – Still going! Slowed down a lot, but still the odd bubble going through the airlock.

10/08/2014 – Bottled into 750ml swingtop bottles with two carb drops each, apart from a single bottle which has only one carb drop. I ran out! got 5 bottles from the batch. It’s so clear, looks fantastic. You can taste the alcohol, but it’s still pretty dry and sharp. I doubt I will be opening the first bottle of this within the next 6 months. I had it bottled before I remembered that I was going to oak this batch! Ah well, next time.

23/08/2014 – Unrelated to this particular brew, but I was reading recently that the Lalvin 71B yeast is a good strain for absorbing malic acid. Probably a good strain for doing future turbo ciders. Will crack a bottle of this open at Xmas time and warm it with some spices and maybe a little brandy.. Wassail!

24/12/2014 – Cracked open the first bottle of this in order to do some mulled cider. Had a taste beforehand and it’s pretty potent stuff. I’m not sure if I’d be keen on drinking this straight up. The mulled version was really excellent though. I did a bottle of applewine with fresh root ginger, sliced apple, clove, star anise and a splash of brandy. Brought up to temperature then knocked the heat off and left to infuse for 10 minutes. Then brought back up to temperature before serving. Really delicious but nearly knocked me off my feet. 🙂

TC#5 – Very Berry Turbo Cider


Added 1 tsp of pectolase and 4 tsp Splenda to demi-john before adding 3 litres of cold apple juice. Shook vigorously to aerate and dissolve the sweetener. Added 400g of frozen and thawed mixed berries. Just pushed them through a funnel using a racking cane. Added yeast slurry from my Simple Turbo Cider and topped up with more apple juice. Colour is great but the fruit pulp floating in it looks a bit scary!

05/07/2014 – Given the demi-john the odd little shake over the last couple of days and the colour is great. A really intense red colour. All the colour seems to have leaked out of some of the berries (the blackcurrants?) and into the cider. Will have to rack this away from the fruit pulp and sediment and give it a couple of weeks clearing time. Not much sign of it clearing at the moment, so I’m wondering if the pectolase is doing its job.

20/07/2014 – Bottled with carb drops. Got 5 x 750ml and 1 x 500ml bottles from the batch. Bit sharp and acidic as all the others have been, but a great berry flavour.

02/11/2014 – I opened a bottle of this at a meet recently, and wasn’t particularly pleased with it. Not only did it gush a little (probably due to the bottle warming up), but the flavour was very sharp and acidic. Though this may have been because my palate had adjusted to the flavour of beers with lots of residual sweetness. However, having opened a 75cl bottle of this today, straight from the fridge, and served in champagne flutes, it’s actually very pleasant. Even my chief taster declared it to be excellent. Presentation is everything! But there’s a great aroma of the berries, fantastic deep red colour, and the berries carry through to the flavour. I do think it could benefit from a little further artificial sweetener, as it is quite acidic. Very refreshing for a summers day, I must put on another batch in the springtime.

26/11/2014 – This is going down extremely well. I’m definitely going to do another batch of this next year, but will do a bigger batch this time. It would be a good idea to do 11 litres of apple juice in a plastic FV with two or three packets of fruit in a large muslin bag, then rack into two demijohns for some aging and settling. It also needs some more sweetening with more Splenda to take the edge off that acidity. It’s also beautifully clear, so the pectolase did its job well. Would also like to get more carbonation in there to take it more champagne-like. I suspect the fruit skins contribute a bit of tannin which makes it more wine-like.

24/02/2015 – Just a note for when I get around to making this again: prime with 5g per litre and sweeten with 1.5g per litre of Splenda.

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