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AG#83 – Monkey Feet Pale Ale

AG#82 – Bullfrog Belgian Blonde Ale

AG#81 – Drie Blind Mice

09/04/2018 – Bottled the small portion of this in the demijohn. I used carbonation drops amd some rehydrated champagne yeast. Got 2 x 750ml and 8 x 375ml bottles from the batch. Tastes ver promising with a good sourness and a prominent brett character.

10/04/2018 – Only a day later but no yeast on the bottom of the bottles yet. Probably a bit too soon, ut I did notice that the carb drops had dissolved and stratified underneath the beer so I gave all pf the bottles a gentle rousing.

11/04/2018- Definitely some activity happening in the bottles now. Will give them a week and move to the shed.

AG#80 – Little Divil Belgian Blond Ale

15/07/2017 – Brew Day

13/08/2017 – Bottled with 178g of glucose (21 litres at 2.8 vol). Got 12 x 750ml and 24 x 500ml bottles from the batch. Sample taste fine, but there's a slightly vegetal aroma there that I'm not happy with. I'll let it condition for a few weeks to be sure.

AG#79 – Never Mind the Bollekes

15/07/2017 – Racked to secondary and added a vial of WhiteLabs Brettanomyces Lambicus. FG of 1.010.

22/07/2017 – No action from the fermenter or change in the aroma, though it might take more time.

24/07/2017 – Starting to develop a brett aroma now, along with a small pellicle.

26/07/2017 – Added French oak chips (medium toast) which had been boiled to remove the harsher tannins. I want a very subtle oak level in this beer. The aroma from the fermenter is just amazing.

01/08/2017 – Took a gravity reading of 1.008-1.010. Doesn't seem to be much movement on the gravity, which is surprising, so I'll bottle this at the weekend.

03/08/2017 – Seems to be some bubbling at the surface of the beer now, so I'll postpone bottling it until the gravity is stable.

05/08/2017 – Took another gravity reading and the SG hadn't budged at all, so bottled to 2.5 vol in heavy gueze bottles. Also racked a portion to a demijohn, leaving some headspace with which to add some fruit in the coming days. Added the dregs from a bottle of Oud Beersel kriek.

07/08/2017 – Added 900g of frozen raspberries. Just about enough room in demijohn, so hope the refermentation doesn't get too explosive.

14/08/2017 – Fermentation is now pushing pink beer through the airlock, which I should have anticipated, given the lack of headspace.

AG#78 – Valley of Gold Belgian Ale

AG#77 – Pit Pony Best Bitter


14/05/2017 – Brew Day

08/06/2017 – A bit longer in the fermenter than intended, but should be better for it. Bottled to 2.3 vol into a mixture of 500ml and 750ml bottles. Nice light amber colour and great toasty aroma. I was originally planning on saving the yeast for another brew, but I’m keen to get cracking on some Belgian beers, so I chucked it.

20/06/2017 – Opened a bottle for a cheeky taste. Even though it really is too early for opening, I was disappointed at how estery and immature it tastes. I’m wondering if it would be better to condition indoors or outdoors to speed things up a bit.

AG#76 – Bullfrog Belgian Blonde

Batch Size: 23 L

OG: 1.050
Boil Size: 28 L
FG: 1.007
Boil Time: 60 mins
IBU: 25.3
Efficiency: 75%
Colour: 7.2

70%, 3.50 Pilsner – BE 36.0 3.8 Mash
10%, 0.50 Wheat – BE 37.0 3.8 Mash
20%, 1.00 Pale Ale – BE 38.0 6.5 Mash

Sacchrification Rest 65 60
Mash Out 76 10

28.00 East Kent Goldings Pellet Boil 60 7 20.0
30.00 Styrian Goldings Pellet Boil 10 3.9 4.3
30.00 Styrian Goldings Pellet Boil 2 3.9 1.0

1.0 packets Wyeast Belgian Ardennes 3522 0.74
1.0 packets WLP644 Saccharomyces “Bruxellensis” Trois 0.85

01/05/2017 – Brew Day

AG#75 – Everybody Gerts Sour Ale

AG#74 – Black Embrace American Stout

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