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AG#85 – Royal Mile 70 Shilling


Batch Size: 23 L
OG: 1.051
Boil Size: 28 L
FG: 1.013
Boil Time: 60 mins
IBU: 24.0
Efficiency: 71%
Colour: 30.4

5 0.25 Amber – UK 32.0 70.6 Mash
5 0.25 Wheat – BE 37.0 3.8 Mash
5 0.25 Caramel/Crystal 40 – US 35.0 105.2 Mash
74 4.10 Golden Promise – UK 37.0 6.5 Mash
2 0.13 Extra Dark Crystal 120L – UK 33.0 318.7 Mash
5 0.25 Brown Malt – UK 33.0 172.0 Mash
1 0.03 Chocolate – UK 34.0 1,132.6 Mash
5 0.25 Crystal 60L – UK 34.0 158.6 Mash

Saccharification Rest 68C 50 mins
Mash Out 75C 10 mins

23.00 Fuggles Pellet Boil 60 5.2 12.0
23.00 East Kent Goldings Pellet Boil 60 5.2 12.0

1.0 Wyeast American Ale 1056 0.75

0.5 each Irish Moss 10 mins Boil

26/11/2017 Brew Day – Bit of a nightmare with this today. I must have pushed the top segment of the overflow pipe down too far (or it fell down, it was quite loose) but I only noticed when I inserted the top plate that the top of the overflow pipe was beneath the plate. I’m not sure whether I removed the top pipe momentarily, but some grain got into the overflow and I only noticed after the sparge had finished that I had quite a few floaties in the wort, quite large pieces of grain. While the wort was coming up to boil, I took a sieve and scooped out as much grain as I could. Unfortunately, there was still some grain left in there during the boil, about a teaspoon, so hopefully no astringency will carry over into the finished beer. I tasted the wort at the end of the brew day, and I didn’t detect anything unpleasant in there. Gravity was 1.050. Wort slightly darker than I expected, but it will probably look a lot lighter when it’s in the glass.

27/11/2017 – Good strong fermentation kicking off. 28/11/2017 – I thought this would be spilling through the airlock at this point, such was the height of the kreusen, but it seems to have died down thankfully.

13/12/2017 – Bottled with 142g glucose (21 litres at 2.4 vol). Got 41 x 500ml bottles. Lovely toast and chocolate flavours. If those flavours persist in the bottle I’ll be very pleased with this. Final gravity was 1.014 so plenty of body and predicted attenuation level is spot on.

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