MEAD#7 – Moonlight Sparkling Mead


Sanitised fermenter and rehydrated a sachet of Lalvin 71B in some of the bottled water. Sanitised the stick blender attachment in the jug of StarSan. Transferred about 3 litres of water to the fermenter and added the honey. I used 2 x 340g organic wildflower honey. On this batch I used 1/4 tsp tannin and 1/2 tsp Youngs yeast nutrient. Topped up to the 6 litre mark. Blended with the sanitised stick blender to heavily aerate the must and pitched the rehydrated yeast.

09/07/2016 – Pitched yeast.

11//07/2016 – Added another 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient and de-gassed.

13/07/2016 – Added the last 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient and de-gassed again.

15/07/2016 – According to the GotMead Calculator, 5.75 litres of must with 0.68kg of honey will yield a starting gravity of 1.035 and a final ABV of 4.9%.

01/08/2016 – I intended to have this in a demi-john and under an airlock at this stage, but it’s still in the primary fermenting bucket. The problem is that I don’t have the spare demi-john that I expected to have as my blackcurrent melomel seems to have started fermenting again since I back sweetened it.

27/08/2016 – A lot longer than intended, this has finally been racked to secondary. It’s very pale, but I picked up a bit of yeast on transfer so it’s quite hazy. I’ll let this settle out for a couple of weeks before bottling with some carbonation drops.

02/09/2016 – Clearing nicely.

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