CIDER#6 – Young’s Yeast Cider


29/11/2014 – Kegged and bottled. Transferred into 7 bottles using bottling wand and primed with 1 carb drop per bottle. Kegged the remainder and transferred keg to the shed for conditioning over the winter and spring months. At this point, I will open up the keg to see if the cider needs sweetening or other adjustments.

17/05/2015 – I only got a few bottles out of this particular batch with the cider yeast. The rest of it is still in the corny keg. It’s pretty good, lightly carbonated, but not terribly acidic, as I was expecting. However, there is still a slightly sulphurous aroma off it, which is surprising after such a long conditioning period. Maybe the kegged version will be better as it might be possible to off-gas the sulphur.

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