MEAD#2 – Cyser


To summarise:

“Then it was time to make the cyser. I poured the 4 litres of juice from the demi-john into my sanitised pot. I then added the honey (which I hadn’t warmed, like I did the last time), 1/2 tsp wine tannin, 1 tsp citric acid and approximately 15g yeast nutrient. I then whizzed the mixture thoroghly with the stick blender before adding the must back to the demi-john. I think the volume is a little too high for the demi-john, so hopefully the fermenting cyser won’t escape. It might have been a bad idea not to warm the jars of honey as there was still a little bit of honey stuck in the jars, and some more stuck to the bottom of the pot. Very small amounts though, so I didn’t bother to retrieve them. Pitched the Lalvin 71B yeast slurry from my Wildflower Mead.”

06/11/2016 Brew Day – Used 1 x 900g blended honey and 1 x 340g Australian honey.

17/11/2014 – Still a steady stream of bubbles coming form the airlock, hard to believe. And the cyser is still a milky yellow colour.

26/11/2014 – This has only stopped bubbling after 3 weeks. Still cloudy, but there’s a good 500-750ml of trub at the bottom of the demi-john.

30/11/2014 – Racked to secondary as bubbling has (finally) stopped. Huge amount of trub in the demi-john, so had to re-start the siphon once. I’m pleased with the amount of mead I got into the secondary demi-john though, despite the amount of trub. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll top up with bottled water as I planned to do. Will do a an extended cold secondary of this one in the demi-john if I decide to top up. I’ll probably end up racking again though.

07/12/2014 – There was a decent layer of yeast and trub at the bottom of the demi-john after the last racking, so i racked it again to another another sanitised DJ. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll top it up or not. I think there’s probably enough alcohol to cope with some dilution.

22/11/2015 – Side by side tasting of the wildflower mead with the cyser. Wildflower has a massive, almost overwhelming floral honey aroma. It’s also got some melon fruit aroma. Flavour is moderate honey, some fruity esters, alcohol prominent but not hot. Finish is acidic and slightly mouth watering, making it very drinkable. The cyser aroma is predominantly apple, not too much honey, some alcohol. Colour is a shade or two darker than the wildflower mead, as you’d expect. The cyser is not as sweet up front, mouth watering, nice meld of apple and honey flavours.

17/01/2016 – When tasted on its own, I get a completely different impression of the cyser. It’s quite sweet, with a wonderful honey aroma and apple notes in both aroma and flavour. There’s a quenching acidity in the aftertaste which invites another sip. A 330ml glass fills three licquer glasses and I’ve finished all three! It is extremely drinkable, but totally beguiling in flavour. I think my mead making journey is beginning in earnest.

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