AG#11 – Chasing Tail Pale Ale



Recipe Specifications

Boil Size: 24.88 l
Post Boil Volume: 22.88 l
Batch Size (fermenter): 19.00 l
Bottling Volume: 17.00 l
Estimated OG: 1.059 SG
Estimated Color: 11.0 EBC
Estimated IBU: 52.7 IBUs
Brewhouse Efficiency: 60.00 %
Est Mash Efficiency: 69.5 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes


1.00 tsp Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash 60.0 mins)
4.500 kg Pale Malt, Maris Otter (5.9 EBC), 75.0 %
1.000 kg Vienna Malt (6.9 EBC), 16.7 %
0.250 kg Cara-Pils/Dextrine (3.9 EBC), 4.2 %
0.250 kg Wheat Malt, Bel (3.9 EBC), 4.2 %
22 g Chinook [13.80 %] – Boil 60.0 min, 40.8 IBUs
0.50 Items Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 10.0 mins)
57 g Amarillo [7.80 %] – Boil 10.0 min, 11.9 IBUs
41 g Citra [14.80 %] – Boil 0.0 min, 0.0 IBUs
28 g Centennial [10.00 %] – Boil 0.0 min, 0.0 IBUs
20 g Chinook [13.00 %] – Boil 0.0 min, 0.0 IBUs
19 g Simcoe [13.20 %] – Boil 0.0 min, 0.0 IBUs
1.0 pkg Safale American (DCL/Fermentis #US-05)

Mash Schedule: Bubbles’ Single Infusion, Full Body, Batch Sparge
Total Grain Weight: 6.000 kg
Mash In Add 16.80 l of water at 74.6 C 68.0 C 60 min

Sparge: Batch sparge with 2 steps (Drain mash tun, , 14.59l) of 77.0 C water

28/03/2014 Brew Day – Mash temp 67.5C. Used a couple of hop bags on this batch but still ended up with a stuck runoff and a lot of break material entering the fermenter. Recorded an OG of 1.064, so this is going to come out a little bit stronger than expected.

12/04/2014 – Bottled with 130g of dextrose (17.5 itres @ 2.6 vol). Got 12 x 750ml bottles and 14 x 500ml bottles from the batch. Abolsutely amazing smell from the fermenter – toasty and really fruity. Very high hopes for this recipe and suspect it could become my default pale ale recipe.

02/05/2014 – Probably a bit early for a taste, but it was in the fridge and I couldn’t help myself. Pretty good, but a bit immature. Jammy. Great hop flavours, very catty, but that’s not a bad thing. Surprising how much sweetness is there, considering there’s absolutely no crystal malt in it.Even at this early stage, there’s great head formation, really silky. Really nice colour, but not as pale as I expected. A little less Vienna next time? Hazy, but not hugely so.Plenty of tropical fruit and cattiness on the nose. Needs more bitterness perhaps, as the sweetness is very prominent.

16/05/2014 – Wow, this is really shaping up, but should be even better in a week or two. Really dank and hoppy. Lots of sweetness there still, but I wanted the beer to be a lot drier. I will try reducing the gravity on this the next time and I might drop the CaraPils, just in case that is contributing some of the sweetness I’m getting. I might also drop the Vienna malt slightly.

21/05/2014 – The combination of CaraPils and wheat malt has produced a fantastic pillow of a head, with great lacing on the glass. I think I’d definitely do this combination on any future IPAs, but I suspect the CaraPils is contributing a bit more body than I actually want in an IPA. But maybe this was caused by the mash temperature? Great hop aroma and flavours. Quite hazy. I think it needs more bitterness.

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